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In 1984, the granddaughter of Jim Lynds, one of WesTest's founders was born without limbs. Her parents named her Darci. Today Darci is a happy, well adjusted person with a bright future. Technology has played a key role in her life. She uses a powered wheelchair for mobility, writes and plays with a prosthetic arm, uses a computer on a daily basis and controls her environment with a variety of assistive products. Darci provided the inspiration for establishing the Darci product line. Our mission is to develop and manufacture devices which solve problems encountered by people with physical disabilities. This dual purpose, development and manufacturing, assures that the results of our research are made available to people with disabilities.

The Darci product line was created by the directors and employees of WesTest Engineering Corporation, an aerospace company in Farmington, Utah. Because of its association with Darci, WesTest became interested in the needs of people with disabilities. They developed a device which allows her to use a personal computer. WesTest manufactured the  Darci Too device as a public service, and it is considered the most versatile computer access device currently available. WesTest has also developed the Darci USB, a portable device that connects to the computer's USB port.

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