machineWesTest Engineering Corporation was founded in 1981 to focus on test engineering. Initial contracts consisted of supplying consulting services to government agencies and aerospace prime contractors. This was followed by contracts for the development of Test Program Sets (TPS's).

WesTest received its first order for an Automatic Test System in 1984 known as the PK-1000; a depot level circuit card tester and a series of TPS’s. A dozen of the systems are in use at U.S. Air Force facilities. Over 400 Test Program Sets were developed for the PK-1000 and is used to support the F-4, F-15, F-16 and B-1 aircraft. Since that initial success, WesTest has been engaged in a variety of engineering activities...

  • Developed a "turn-key" depot support capability for the Maverick Missile test set.
  • Designed and manufactured a series of automatic test systems for the Minuteman and Peacekeeper Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems.
  • Developed an in-country depot level repair capability for the APQ-120 radar system for the Turkish Air Force.
  • Provided software development, on going support and TPS's consultation services for the U.S. Air Forces test software development effort.
  • Supplied Test Program Sets for a variety of applications including Allied Signal's A-7 AIS  replacement program (A-7 CAST), the B-1, C-17, F-4, F-15 and F-16 aircraft and the Maverick, Minuteman and Peacekeeper missile systems.


WesTest has successfully delivered these types of hardware, software, and services:

  • Commercial Automatic Test Systems
  • Mil-Spec Automatic Test Systems
  • Test Program Sets
  • Control and Support Software (compilers, translators, executive systems, etc.)
  • "Turn-key" Test Systems (hardware, software, technical manuals, training, etc.)
  • Custom VXIbus Instruments
  • Custom PCMCIA Cards
  • System Engineering Services
  • Devices for people with disabilities