About the WesTest 2000

State-of-the-Art Instrumentation

The WesTest 2000 has been equipped with a suite of high performance test instruments. Controlled by a high performance computer and operating under the Windows 7 operating system, these instruments provide a versatile mix of digital and analog capabilities. All of the instruments in the WesTest-2000 are from industry leaders. All of the instruments in the WesTest-2000 are commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) devices.


Awesome Digital Capabilities

The WesTest-2000 has been equipped with Teradyne's high-performance Di Series Digital Test Instruments. The Di Series can supply up to 704 high-performance digital test channels. Speeds of up to 50 MHz are available. The Di Series provides high-throughput testing for complex digital modules, boards and boxes, fast accurate fault isolation via guided probe and fault dictionary systems and the direct import of test vectors generated by the LASAR Simulator. A high performance Mil-Std-1553 Interface is also available.


image024Flexible Suite of Analog Instruments

Measurement: Digital Multimeter, Universal Counter, Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, Synchro/Resolver System.

Stimulus Instruments: 5 Arbitrary Waveform Generators, 4 Programmable Amplifiers, 2 Pulse Generators, 16 DC Signal Sources, 10 DC Power Supplies, 3 High Power SC/AC Power Supplies, Synchro/Resolver Simulator System and a programmable UUT Cooling Assembly.

Switching: Stimulus, Measurement & Coax Switching.


World-Class Software

Operating the WesTest-2000 is like surfing the internet. Thanks to Test Navigator™, WesTest's browser-based interface, testing is controlled with the click of a mouse. With WesTest's Access™ based Software Development Environment you don't even have to learn a programming language. Enter the engineering data that describes the tests to be performed and the interactive development environment creates a syntactically correct ATLAS program for you. An IEEE-716 ATLAS Compiler and LASAR™ Digital Simulator import capabilities complete the software development capabilities.


  • Designed for military and commercial applications.
  • Selected by the US Air Force to replace multiple, unsupportable test systems used for depot level repair at Hill AFB
  • Selected by several countries as their "Depot Test System"
  • Scalable Test System  can be used at all levels of maintenance
  • Expandable Test System - can be expanded to support virtually any type of workload
  • 100% COTS instrumentation
  • Open architecture design
  • "Plug and Play" Software system
  • Online documentation
  • Built in test program set development/support tools
  • PATEC Calibration