Darci Too

The Universal Alternate Input Device - That's DARCI TOO! One product which can be used with Apple, Macintosh, IBM and IBM compatible personal computers. One product which can be controlled by joysticks, switches, matrix keyboards, or communication aids. One product which supplies Morse Code, Scan, Matrix Keyboard, Darci Code and Communication Aid access to all computer functions.

DARCI TOO represents a new approach to providing computer access for people with physical disabilities. Rather then being targeted for a specific group of people, DARCI TOO has been designed to meet the needs of people with a wide range of disabilities. This has been done by providing the unit with five different operating modes, user adjustable timing, automatic setup routines, a user programmed vocabulary, and the ability to control a computer from a variety of input devices. Rather than being targeted for a specific computer or group of computers, DARCI TOO has been designed to control all of the most popular brands of personal computers. This has been done without the use of any special software or modifications to the computers. We call this approach to meeting the needs of the disabled ADAPTABLE ACCESS.


For the user, ADAPTABLE ACCESS means that one device can be used to control different computers at home, at school, and in the work place. It also means that as a user becomes more profi cient in using DARCI TOO, they can change the way they use it. This may consist of resetting the timing or changing the input device. It might also consist of changing modes for increased speed and efficiency. ADAPTABLE AC CESS means that the user determines how DARCI TOO will be used.

For the therapist, the teacher or the health care professional, ADAPTABLE ACCESS means that a single unit can be used in a variety of settings. Computer problems disappear because this sin gle device can be used to control Apple, IBM, and IBM compatible computers. Since DARCI TOO provides true, transparent access, there isn't any software to be loaded or modifica tions to be made. DARCI TOO is connected to the computer's keyboard and mouse connectors. The computer is operated normally and the keyboard can still be used when DARCI TOO is connected (a big help in a teaching environment or the work place). DARCI TOO's five operating modes, adjustable timing, and ability to accept different input devices provide the therapist with a powerful evaluation tool which can be adapted to the user's needs. These same features allow the level of challenge provided by the device to be increased as the user becomes more proficient.

Darci Products

Darci USB
Portable computer access via the USB Port!
(Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 & 10 Compatible.)

Darci Too
Keyboard Emulator for Apple & IBM Computers.
Five Types of Inputs - Five Operating Modes - Universal Computer Access!

Why Morse Code?

Because its the fastest, most productive alternate computer access method available. It's also the only method which becomes completely automatic (sub-cognitive), much like touch typing.. A Morse code user learns to ignore their input method and is able to concentrate on what they're trying to accomplish. Unfortunately, Morse code is an underutilized access method. We feel the reason for this is that people think it's difficult to learn (it isn't) or they don't know how to teach Morse.

The Darci Morse Code Trainer is the outgrowth of the process which was used to teach Morse code to Darci. She learned the basic code in about an hour and a half (three half hour sessions). The program uses multimedia to present pictures and sounds to assist in teaching the code.